pupilli: domestic inventories of early modern florence


Household Inventories

Explore a wealth of historical records documenting the essence of Early Renaissance Florence.


Florentines Listed

Dive into a vast collection of over 2,400 Florentines of all social classes who lived between 1384-1532.


Archival Fond

Discover the fond Magistrato dei Pupilli Avanti il Principato on which this research is based on.

Unveiling History

3,000 household inventories will uncover the private, hidden stories and treasures of Renaissance Florence, bringing the past to life.

Our team of dedicated historians, paleographers, and architectural designers is committed to meticulously examining and cataloging every artifact and document from the domestic inventories of Renaissance Florence. We believe that by bringing these historical treasures to light, we can provide invaluable insights into the daily lives, traditions, and cultural practices of this remarkable era. Our mission is to ensure that these invaluable pieces of history are not just preserved, but also made accessible to everyone who is eager to delve into the fascinating world of Renaissance Florence.

Our team is composed of passionate architectural and art historians, dedicated paleographers, and meticulous architects working on digital reconstructions, each committed to uncovering and preserving the rich history of Renaissance Florence. With a shared enthusiasm for unearthing the past, our members bring diverse expertise and a deep understanding of the era, ensuring that our project is approached with both rigor and a genuine love for history.

Lorenzo Vigotti, architectural historian

Lorenzo Vigotti, Ph.D.

Architectural Historian

George Bent, art historian

Prof. George Bent

Art Historian

Arch. Emiliano Sborgia

Digital Art Architect

Vieri Mazzoni, Ph.D.


Florence illuminated consortium






The National Endowment For The Humanities

National Endowment for the Humanties (2024-26)

Kunthistorisches Institut in Florenz

Kunthistorishes Institut in Florenz – Max-Plank-Institut (2020-22)

Italian Art Society – Dedicated to the study of Italian art and architecture from prehistory to the present

Italian Art Society Conference Travel Grant (2022)